Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Many Uses for Mason Jars!

 I LOVE mason jars!

I use them for everything.  So I thought I would share some ideas with you.  Mason jars can be found in the canning section of your grocery, but I also like to shop for them at yard sales, usually people sell them very cheap!  You can find them on too.  You probably even know people that have them sitting in the basement, not even being used.  Always be on the lookout! 

These are just a few of the many uses for mason jars...

*  Canning - This is the obvious first choice, jellies, pickles, tomatoes, etc.

*  Leftovers - Left over soups work great in mason jars.  Any kind of left over veggies, fruits, or sauces.

*  Flower vase - bring in some fresh cut flowers from your garden, instant vase.

*  Pencil holder

*  Candle holder - When I take a bath I love to put two mason jars on the counter with tea lights.  The light reflects so beautifully.  Also, they can be hung from tree branches for outside parties.  Very pretty!


*  Don't forget Gifts in a jar

*  Storing crafts, buttons, small pieces

*  Storing homemade detergents and body wash etc.

*  Holding your dish washing sponge wand

*  Transporting liquids like water when you're on the go

*  In the winter, I fill a mason jar with water and put a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in to help keep us from being congested.

*  Drinking glasses.  I love to drink my smoothie each morning in my wide mouth pint mason jar.  There is nothing more refreshing than drinking iced sweet tea from a mason jar on a hot summer day! (Throw in a sprig of fresh mint from the garden, too!) Tip: Men REALLY like drinking from mason jars!!


*  I have a jar in my cabinet that I keep bread ties in. (I know I will find a use for them one day!)

*  Storing anything really, Flour, Sugar, Oatmeal, D.E., dry beans, rice


Katie's Homemade Chocolate Syrup

* Chick waterer and feeder


Here are three uses that I have not tried, but found online that I think are really cool. You better believe I will be trying them.

*  Oatmeal on the Go - You put your dried oatmeal in your jar and add whatever extras you want (honey, dried fruit etc.) and pour boiling water over it up to the rim. Screw on your lid and head out the door. By the time you get to work, your breakfast is finished and hot!

*   Homemade Butter

Solar lights! 



  1. We love mason jars here too. I use them for just about everything, including the chick water, but my absolute favorite use is as a travel jar for water. I hate using plastic bottles anyway, but it really makes me nervous to leave them in the car, especially during the hot KY summers( as you well know), so we use mason jars instead. I'm always joking with the kids, that someday a police officer will see us in the car with our jars of clear liquid, and pull us over for running!

  2. Debi that is so true, especially in Ky. Thanks for the water travel idea....there are so many great uses!!

  3. I recently learned they can be used as mini blender jars (the small mouth ones). They fit on most blenders. That said, I have tried several different mason-type jars on my blender and most work but some leak, so now I mark the ones that fit perfectly. 16 oz. jars are a fabulous way to make individual smoothies for the whole family! And I make my breakfast smoothie in a quart jar (my smoothie is 16 oz, but you need headroom to blend!).