Saturday, April 21, 2012

Farmaggedon: The government and small farms today

 "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson

     In the current political climate, it has become increasingly clear that our government has gotten far away from what our founders intended! Maybe you think that's a good thing, as for me...not so much. Our personal liberties are under attack and unfortunately this magnificent "land of the free" is becoming a land of dependent "sheeple". As the government has grown exponentially, it has succeeded thus far in making its citizens more and more dependent on it for survival. Well, I say it's time for that to stop!! Now is the time we get back to thinking for ourselves!!!
     One glaring example of government overreach is it's attack on small and family run farms. Melissa and I recently went to see an advanced screening of the movie Farmaggedon, which is a privately made film depicting the plight of small farmers. The farmers who raise their food the way it was meant to raised, with lots of sunshine, fresh air, green grass, and kind hands. It was horrifying to see our government descend on these farms with search warrants and guns aimed at the farmers and their families for having raw milk or sheep that they felt were a national "threat". Look at what's going on in Michigan with the pig farmers!! I mean, we have drug dealers on the streets selling crystal meth to 12 year olds and yet millions of tax payer dollars are going to fight a war on raw milk and farm animals!! We have a Department of Labor that wants to make it illegal for children to work on the farms owned by their families!!
     There is no doubt that people are waking up. From the pink slime in 80% of the ground beef supply to Prozac, arsenic, etc in chicken meat, people are finally starting to support these small farmers for the benefit of themselves, but most importantly, their children. We HAVE to vote for candidates who truly believe in personal freedom!! We HAVE to spend our money, even if it's a little more expensive, on food that is locally and ethically grown!! And we HAVE to educate ourselves about what's going on in our government!!

**Thank you to Good Foods who sponsored the pre-screening of this film.

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  1. I've got it saved on our Netflix queue...can't wait to see it!