Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saving the rain that God Provides!

This time last year we decided to invest in a rain barrel.  We bought a pickle barrel at a local container company and my handy husband added the screen on the top, cut holes in the top and added the spigot. I spray painted it black.  So it cost us about $45.00 versus the $100 + they were selling for in the stores.

My husband is a fireman!

He made two and we have really used them a lot.  We have watered our gardens, flowers, and cleaned muddy feet and dirty hands.  We use the water to wash off things we use outside.  The biggest things we have used the water for is to water our animals.  We only had to use tap water two days when the barrels were frozen in the winter.  We keep them cleaned out so that we always have fresh water for the animals.  I went to our local daycare and asked them if I could have some of their milk jugs that they were recycling anyway.  They were happy to provide them for me and I picked several up every day for a couple of weeks.  We fill those jugs up and store them in the garage so that we always have a supply, even if it isn't raining.  That has came in handy this year since this spring has been so dry.  This was really one of the best investments for the homestead that we have made. 
 Every time it gets low, God fills it back up.  Isn't He wonderful like that, God always provides!!

My sweet niece filling up the jugs!

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