Monday, August 27, 2012

A Busy Few Months!!

Well friends, I must apologize for the lack of posts over the last few months. It's been busy but full of blessings! I'm so grateful to have the time to sit down and write again!! So, I'm easing back into the blogosphere with an update on the happenings here, at the Williams Homestead...

First, our lovely hens began laying and we are enjoying their nutritious (and pretty) gifts!!

Our white Auracana laid the pale blue one, they're my favorite!

They have definitely earned the expansion my husband added to their run...

The girls seem very happy to have space to get away from Henry the rooster!!

We got brave for a few days and let them free range in the evenings until our neighbor's dogs came over for a taste... everyone survived, but Harriet, a Golden Comet (and daily layer might I add), did suffer from a nasty bite wound across her back. We almost gave up on her, but she eventually began to walk again! I think she enjoyed her time on the back porch though!

Our dog Luke, he liked having her around too.

Our tomatoes (the only plants I was able to get in the ground this year) are so abundant, and our son has become quite the tomato picker!! I am so excited for him to do even more in the garden next year!

And the biggest news here on the farm is the arrival of our second child... another sweet boy!

'B' striking a pose.

God is so good!! 

I look forward to sharing the birth story once I get some time to write it down! Maybe I'll start by posting my first birth story so I can truly share the faith walk I have been on from the beginning!  This little one is precious! His eyes are turning blue and he has the sweetest little way he smiles... I could go on and on!!

'T' is such a loving big brother.

That brings you full circle!

 Melissa started a new job and her son a new school year so she's been busy too! She and I still have lots to write about... Schwarberg Farms now produces honey, goats milk, and a gazillion eggs!! Her son showed his lamb at the Kentucky State Fair bringing a close to his first 4H summer. We have our first Feast of Tabernacles to celebrate in October, and lots more!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the gifts of summertime!!


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  1. Katie,

    First, congratulations on your new little guy! He is adorable and I love the picture of his big brother watching over him :-)
    Your tomatoes look beautiful, are you going to can them?
    I'm so sorry to hear about your chicken. You should be able to let them roam on your property without a neighbor dog trying to eat/kill them.
    Glad to see your back, and look forward to your next post.