Thursday, May 17, 2012

The 'sucker' homestead...

So, I know that homesteading implies becoming more self sufficient by raising your own food. And I know that in order to do that, the homestead must focus on plants and animals that serve a purpose and provide something for the homestead, whether that's eggs, meat, milk, more stock, produce, honey, fiber, etc, everything needs to pull its weight. 
But sometimes, you just fall for a cute face. Sometimes you just need to accept that you have 'sucker' clearly written on your forehead and, as a result, sometimes you just have to forget what's practical...

Meet Simon.

Simon is a one month old lamb. He was a triplet and mama wouldn't take him. So, yes, I am chasing a 16 month old, 8 months pregnant, and bottle feeding this sweet, precious, adorable little guy. And as I'm sure you could figure out, he will serve no purpose other than to bring a smile to our faces.

Here I am giving my son a ride in the wheelbarrow on the way to feed the chickens, with my little white shadow and our dogs. God is so good!!!!!!!

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