Friday, May 25, 2012

Homemade Finger Paint!!

I'm so excited to have happened across this recipe at for finger paint that costs pennies and is really easy to make! This recipe is non-toxic too, but I don't recommend the little ones eating very much food coloring, so I would try to discourage them from licking their fingers!
It can't taste good anyways!


2 cups corn starch
1 cup cold water
4.5 cups boiling water
food coloring


1. Bring 4.5 cups of water to a boil in medium saucepan
2. Mix corn starch and cold water and add to the boiling water.
3. Turn off the burner or reduce to low heat and stir continuously. It will get pretty weird and clumpy and then it will smooth out. If it doesn't thicken enough you can add more corn starch a little at a time, but it should while it's over the heat.
4. Spoon into jars of some kind and then stir in your food coloring, the more you add the darker the color!
5. Let it cool and then have fun!!

I would love to finish this post with pictures of my son smiling and covered in paint and show off the masterpieces he created...but he wasn't that into it. I'll try again though!! Maybe I should just stick to mud puddles, they ALWAYS keep his attention!!

Oh, and on these summer days, fill up your little plastic pool in the backyard for easy clean up afterwards!!

I'm also going to try these in the tub for bath paint one day!

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