Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Organization - Laundry Room

My washer and dryer area never seems to be neat and tidy.  They are located in my back hallway without doors to cover them. When someone comes through my house and goes out my back door, this is what they see.  I always try to keep it neat, but it just never seems to happen. 

So I decided to give this area a little make over.  I moved larger items to a closet.  I have
been searching for storage baskets and most I saw were $12.00-$15.00 a piece,when you
are buying several it gets kind of pricey.


I found these great square, collapsible storage baskets at Kmart for $2.49 each.  They have a lot of colors to choose from. They also have a handle on them so they are easy to pull down.  I put my homemade detergent in the jar in the middle of them.  The sunflower container on the side is for my lint, since there is no room for a trash can.  Now everything is still there, it is just hidden away and looks much neater.  (Which adds to my peace and happiness)

6 yards of fabric is all it took to make these curtains to conceal everything.  I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, but they were simple and easy to make.  I didn't even have to follow a pattern.

I put the curtains on a shower curtain rod and they look great.  I can leave them closed when not in use and I added tie backs on the wall for when I am doing the laundry.  This was an inexpensive makeover and made all the difference in that normally cluttered area. (Also we moved the track lighting from the kitchen to this area and what a difference that made.)

Extra Storage Ideas:  Since my house is lacking in storage areas, I needed to create some storage that didn't take up a lot of space. My back hallway is very small, I added these cabinets a while back.  I bought these at Target, but I have seen them several other places.  What is great about these is that you can buy one piece at a time and add to it a you need more and mix and match what pieces you would like to have.  Vertical is the way to go in small spaces.

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  1. Looks amazing!!! Well done!! If I could just get my Christmas stuff put away!!! Don't forget to compost your dryer lint!!:)