Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Organization - Bedroom

Our bedroom was in serious need of reorganization.  Our closets and drawers were so full that there was no place for anything to go.  It ended up sitting on the dresser, chest of drawers, or washer and dryer.  (Keep in mind this is about the worst it ever got, it was after Christmas so cut me a little slack. :)

I started by using the rules we have talked about this past week and a few more.  I have always heard if you haven't worn something in the last two years, you never will.  Women always keep a lot of clothes, some from this size, some from that size because we always think we will get back down to that size one day.  Well I have learned either work to get back into that size or get rid of them.  If at this moment you are not working to get back into them, why hold on to them?  There are several questions you need to ask yourself,  "How many necklaces do I need?"  "How many pairs of shoes do I need?"  "If I don't wear half of these clothes, why am I holding onto them?"  What about books?  Do you have a lot of books that you have read but don't need to keep?  Maybe you have a friend that could use them. Or take them to the used book store for some extra cash.  So many of us keep things just in case we will need them one day.  When the truth is there is someone out there that you know that would love to have some "new to them" things.  One day I went through my shoes and eliminated about 15 pairs of shoes, flip flops, etc.  I posted on my Facebook page that I had some if anyone was interested and wore that size.  One of my friends saw that post and wanted them.  She was glad to have them and I was glad to make the room.  I wear about the same 10-12 shirts all the time, so why keep anymore than that.  It is just taking up room that I don't have.  

I went through the closet and eliminated the clothing that I do not wear and do not anticipate wearing, my husband did the same.  I went through my jewelry, shoes, purses etc.  One thing that was taking up space in my closet and my chest of drawers was office items.  So I removed those from the bedroom and set up a small office space in our spare bedroom.  I went through every drawer and got rid of things that we no longer needed.  I put them into piles: sell, give away, recycle, throw away.  It was amazing what I could get rid of when I really set my mind to getting it cleared up.  I just could not believe the room I made.  Now my bedroom feels serene and calm, not cluttered and messy.  It is one less thing for me to stress over.

Can you believe this closet transformation?  I just could not believe what a difference I made. 

I  found these decorative storage boxes at Michael's.  One contains my son's artwork and papers from school and the other I use to throw in the little items that would have normally been laying on the top of the chest.  It makes everything look much neater and not so cluttered.

My husband built these simple shelves for over the door frames in our bedroom.  I also added an over the door hanger so that I can hang scarves, robes, belts etc so that they are out of the way.  I added a basket to the door knob on the back of the door, to store small items in there.

Funny story about the closet clean out.  I found a bag with cutest snowman and an ornament that I must have bought and forgotten about.  The ornament had a date of 2005 on it, so I have had it in that closet for 6 years and did not know it.  I have cleaned it out a few times, but never saw the bag.  It pays to organize!!

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