Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Organization - Kitchen

My kitchen is the most cluttered room in my home.  I have way too many mixing bowls, every gadget known to man and a lot of items I bought off an infomercials.

 * Start with clearing as many things as possible off your counter tops, only leaving out the things that you use often. It makes a much cleaner look.  If you don't use your toaster every day, put it away in a cabinet.

*  Remove everything from the top of your fridge and clean.  Try to keep this clear if possible.

*  Go through your spice and food cabinets and throw out any food that has expired.  If it isn't expired, is unopened and you think you won't use it consider donating it to God's Pantry or another charitable organization.

* Go through your utensil drawer, chances are you probably have a lot of duplicates in this area.  If there are utensils that you don't use, pull them aside to give away or donate, throw away old discolored or broken items.

*  Go through your plastic containers and see if you have the matching lids.  If not, recycle, or throw away if not recyclable.  Look for broken pieces and discard.

*  Inspect all glassware and dishes for cracks.  Anything you run across that you think you will not use, give away or donate.

*  Think about how many baking pans, baking dishes, coffee mugs, glasses you really need.  Pull out what is not necessary and give them away or donate.  (Keep the holidays in mind when you are doing this because you use a lot more dishes then.) 

* While you have everything out of each cabinet, wipe them down inside and out. 

 * Your oven is a possible place to store baking stones or large pots (just don't forget they are in there and turn on the oven).

Also remember that if you can only do one cabinet or drawer a day that is more than you had accomplished the day before.  So don't beat yourself up over it, get done what you can when you can.  When it is finished you will be very proud of your accomplishment.

Below is a picture of all the food that was expired in my cabinets.  I made a ton of room and was able to make my cabinets more manageable.  This is in part to the fact that we rarely eat processed food now.  I wish I had noticed these things were close to expiring and I could have donated them.  Another reason it is important to go through and check your dates every 3 months or so.

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