Monday, December 12, 2011

Homemade gifts in a jar ideas

This year I decided that my Christmas gifts were going to be made by me or someone that I bought them from, with the exception of the kids toys and electronics.  I have been looking online for different ideas and I wanted to share some of the things I have found.  These make great gifts for teachers or that someone you aren't sure what to get.  Consumable gifts are always well received.  If you do any canning, jelly, pickles, etc they are always popular.  If not here are some other "in a jar" ideas.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

This takes about 60 days to be ready, so it is too late for Christmas, but I wanted to include
it anyway.  I started mine at the end of October so they will be ready just in time.

This is my favorite and I am definitely planning to do it for the girls in the office at my
son's school and his teachers.  Who wouldn't love a pie in a jar!!

Pretty Flower Pen

These are just a few of the homemade ideas you can make for the people on your Christmas list.  Get creative and think about something you can come up with to make.  Homemade gifts made with care and love are so much better than something pulled off the shelf at your local super store.


  1. What cute ideas. I'm really wanting to do some homemade gifts for my parents. I think they would appreciate it more than me buying something.

    I was thinking of some granola for dad and some hand stamped cards for mom - but I'm going to look at your pie in a jar idea. That would be good, too.

  2. Granola is a great idea too. I almost included it in the post. Good luck with your ideas, I think they will love whatever you choose. Merry Christmas!!