Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey Turkey Turkey!!

This is the first post in our Local Farm Spotlight Series! Each month we will be introducing you to a local farm that is raising their animals and/or growing their fruits and vegetables, with their  hard work, dedication,  and passion! Instead of buying corn from Kansas, potatoes from Idaho, meat  from who knows where, support local farmers right here throughout Kentucky! Their products are tastier, healthier, and it is so comforting to shake the hand of the person who raised what you're putting on your table!

Male Narragansett Turkey (isn't he gorgeous?!)

     Melissa and I were so fortunate to visit Elmwood Farm last week and see their turkeys! The 350 acre farm is in Scott County and is certified organic! They raise several different breeds of turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year and there's a lot that separates them from the grocery store variety! First, they are raised the way it was intended...with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and green grass! They live outside in organic pasture, eat organic feed, and have a great life (other than the one not so great day at the end). Elmwood Farm is one of only a few farms in the country that raises organic, free range turkeys! They do not use any "flavor enhancers" or add water to the processed bird either.
     They sell a broad breasted variety that is similar to the commercial turkey, and then they breed and raise 3 different heritage breeds, the Bourbon Red (originating from our very own Bourbon County), Narragansett (the oldest American turkey breed), and the Slate (which is the most beautiful silver color).  These breeds of turkey are nearing extinction and breeding for meat use is an effective way to help preserve these American breeds before they're gone forever!
     Let me tell you, they were hysterically entertaining to meet (watch the video below and you'll know what I mean!)!! Not to mention, they are beautiful! Of course, the cost of one of these birds is more expensive than the grocery store variety... it takes ten years investment to become certified organic, organic feed is four times the cost of regular feed, not to mention the labor required to move the turkeys every few days and keep them protected from predators, but it really is worth it! You know your money is going to support a farm that is working hard to produce a nutritious product without compromising care of the animals. Maybe you can spend less on the sides this Thanksgiving and make the bird the focus? Maybe you can ask family who will be joining you to pitch in to purchase one of these birds? I'm telling you, you will be amazed at the differences in these turkeys, from the way they look, to the way they cook, to the flavor and ratio of white and dark meat.
You can call Ann and order your turkey at 859-621-0755 or visit their website at http://www.elmwoodstockfarm.com/. Tell them we sent you!


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