Friday, June 15, 2012

Locally Raised Chicken

In my family's continuing quest to find meats that are raised naturally and ethically, I am happy to alert fellow Lexingtonians about Clark Family Farm located off of Georgetown Rd! They raise meat chickens the way Joel Salatin (of Food Inc fame) does. That means that the chickens are in large outdoor coops that are moved EVERY DAY to fresh, green pasture for the 3-4 months of their lives. They aren't given any hormones or antibiotics...ever. The feed they have free access contains non-GMO corn, as well! Also, the birds are processed by Marksbury Farm, a processing plant with a conscience!
I took my son and Melissa's son to the farm to pick up some frozen, whole birds and we really enjoyed seeing the operation! Melissa would have been proud too, as her son helped Mr. Clark round up a few escapees! He's quite the chicken wrangler! It's very important to me that my children have an understanding of where food comes from and an appreciation for the farmer's hard work that produces it!

Give them a call at 859-621-6471 and check out their Facebook page! Their prices are very reasonable!! 

I have a 4 lb chicken roasting in the oven as we speak, and it smells delicious!! I can't express the satisfaction that comes with feeding my family food that I know was raised naturally and with care!!

 The choice is yours...



  1. Katie,

    When I read your post and seen Lexington, I got real excited. See there's a Lexington, Oklahoma, and I was thinking wow.....I can finally get some fresh chickens. Then I read further and realized it was Lexington, Kentucky and all I could do was let out a *sigh*
    and continue looking for something more local, LOL....

  2. Oh Sandy sorry to disappoint, but there is hope! Ask around at your local Farmer's Market. Also they way I found out about this farm in our area, was through one of my son's 4H Leaders. So it wouldn't hurt to give your local extension agent a call and tell them what you are looking for, they just might know someone. Good luck, it is worth the wait!