Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why we have chickens!

Update from the Williams Homestead!!! Our chickens are living in their newly built coopdominium!! My wonderfully talented husband was able to finish the coop and run (with a little help from the Schwarbergs) and the chicks have adapted well! There are still some finishing touches like a window (with a flower box, of course), wrapping the coop with wood from our old barn, a roost in the run, nesting boxes... I better stop or he'll get discouraged;) Anyway, I am so grateful that they aren't in the house anymore (I'll never do that again!!!) and for all my husband's hard work!

I don't know if I'm anticipating the first cockle-doodle-do or the first egg more!

I'm putting a little wood fence around the base using cut firewood. I LOVE the old barn door he used!


But honestly, THIS is why we really have chickens!


  1. He is his my dad's grandson!

  2. That video is precious. Love how unafraid that she is. We love our chickens and love having fresh eggs.

  3. Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! But that is my son!! I know those beautiful blonde curls can be deceiving though! That, and his sweet impersonation of the high pitched voice I unknowingly use when talking to the chicks!! Too funny!

  4. I wish all kids could enjoy the joys of having chickens, not to mention learning to care for them and be responsible for them. They are so much fun!