Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update from the homestead and Easter weekend!

This week has been a busy one for Melissa and me! We wanted to let everyone know a bit of what's going on around the homesteads before this holy weekend begins! 

I made my first batch of jelly yesterday using violets picked from our yard! The recipe came from The Nerdy Farm Wife, make sure to visit her site for many more recipes! I haven't tasted it yet so fingers crossed it tastes as delicious as it looks! I'm planning on handing a few jars out as Easter gifts to the neighbors with a little scripture attached! I'll post the recipe once I make sure I did it right ;)

The chickens at our house are growing so big and are in that awkward "teenage" stage! They desperately need a bigger space so next week the coop will be the number one priority! (For all of you who warned us to have the coop BEFORE we got the chickens, now is your chance to say it... You told us so!!) 

This is Norma (she's my favorite!)

 We are also beginning our adventure into drinking raw milk! We are so excited and will share more details soon!

Melissa and I are planning a Seder meal for tomorrow night at my homestead! We are so excited to begin celebrating this feast and making it a yearly tradition to teach our children the redemptive nature of our Father and Jesus' fulfillment of the Old Testament covenant! I have been waiting on the Lord's direction as we plan this celebration! We will let everyone know how it goes next week and how we will plan for next year! 

My official Seder plate! Found it at a flea market and LOVE it!!

Melissa and I will be taking these next few days to focus on preparing our hearts and our spirits to celebrate and remember all that Jesus did for us that day on the cross and even more so when He rose again! 

Wishing all of you and your families a blessed Resurrection Weekend and praying that we all may draw nearer to Him so that we may know Him even more!

Your sisters in Christ Jesus,

Melissa and Katie

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