Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whole Foods - Kid's Cooking Class

Today we went to Whole Foods for a Kid's Cooking Class.  If you have a Whole Foods in your area and small children, I highly recommend taking them to a class.  Today they learned how to make sweet potato muffins.  They had hands on experience using the mixer, mashing the potatoes and adding ingredients.  Each kid got a turn and was able to smell the spices, as well as taste some of the ingredients before they went in.  Lindsey, the Healthy Eating Specialist, explained what they were doing and helped them follow the recipe.

While the muffins were in the oven, she took them on a short tour of the store.

The first stop, of course, was the produce section.  They all talked about their favorite fruits and vegetables and sampled some as well.  They were able to touch and feel different vegetables that maybe they had never felt before.

The next stop was the Meat and Fish department, where they got to see a fish up close and personally.

After the tour, their muffins were done and they each got to take one home.  The kids had so much fun learning and cooking a food that they might not have thought about before.

They have a different class every two weeks.  Contact the store to sign your child up for a class.  I promise they will enjoy it!!  Whole Foods is an excellent source for eating healthy foods that you aren't growing yourself.   Go to their website,  Whole Foods to see the schedule of events.  If you do not live in Lexington, go this site as well and put in the zip code for your area and it will pull up your nearest Whole Foods.  New to Whole Foods?  They have adult classes too.  I took a class there in the beginning to learn about shopping for healthy foods on a budget.


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