Monday, February 27, 2012

Constitution 101

The Meaning and History of the Constitution

Hillsdale College is a liberal arts school located in Hillsdale, Michigan, with an undergraduate enrollment of 1,450 students.  Founded in 1844, it was the first American college to prohibit in its charter any discrimination based on race, sex or national origin.  Hillsdale requires all students to study the Constitution, and the college is making that course available online and free of charge to all individuals interested in learning about the meaning and significance of our country’s founding documents!

The course began on February 20th and will continue for ten weeks. Each Monday during the duration of the series, lectures and study materials will be released for viewing online at viewer convenience.  Each lecture session is led by Hillsdale College professors as well as Hillsdale’s president, Dr. Larry Arnn. 

To register for CONSTITUTION 101, go to where you can quickly complete a simple registration form.  Your participation is absolutely free! Ten weeks.  Ten lectures.  No fee.  Inestimable value!

Today, it is so important that we know why the Constitution was written, what it signifies, and who the men were that wrote it. Our country is facing two distinctly different futures and we, as Americans, need to know which path they would have us follow.  I have enjoyed the first lecture and look forward to the coming weeks!! 

If you sign up, let us know what you think!!         

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