Monday, January 30, 2012

Think of yourself as a gardener? Maybe you should.

My mind is just spinning with all that we have planned for our gardens this spring.  We have been thinking, planning, scribbling and trying to get it all mapped out.  A few years ago we had never planted a thing, but my how we have improved over the years!  Anyone can start a garden, everyone started somewhere. Don't be afraid!  If you have never planted a garden, maybe you should start thinking about it now.  If you have kids I highly recommend it.  Our kids need to know where food comes from, how long it takes to grow and how it gets to their plate.  They love to help in the garden too.

What are some reasons to start a backyard garden?

1.  For your health – eating food without pesticides

2.  Stress Relief – while working outside

3.  Save Money –  you can go out to the back yard to pick your produce not buy it at the supermarket

4.  Satisfaction – with growing and eating your own veggies and herbs

5.  Education – teaching yourself how to grow crops, new foods, controlling weeds and insects naturally

6.  Making memories - your kids will always remember the times in the garden

Think about a fruit or vegetable that you eat a lot of during the year i.e. tomatoes, green peppers, or strawberries.  Set a goal to learn everything you need to know about planting, care and harvesting the item.  Even if you just try one plant the first year, it is okay.  If it works, you will not have to buy all those veggies and you will see that you can do it.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You can start from a seed or by buying a plant that has partially grown already.  Then the next year you can plant several of that same veggie and maybe even step out and add another one!

So what are you going to plant this year?


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