Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Organization - Sorting

Wondering what to do with the things you are trying to get rid of to make everything more organized?

 Give Away      Throw Away       Sell  

Before getting started sort using piles, bags, or boxes:

1.  Sell:  Would you like to make some extra cash on the things are are getting rid of?  Craigslist, eBay, put up a sign on the bulletin board at work, newspaper, used book stores, consignment stores (clothing, accessories, and home goods). 

**Be careful when selling items to people you do not know.  Meeting them in a public place is always better than allowing them to come to your home.

2.   Give Away:  friends, family, church, daycare,, Goodwill, Salvation Army, group homes.  There are teenage group homes that would love some makeup to play with, purses, necklaces, things to decorate their rooms.  Men's group homes could use some aftershaves, socks, warm shirts, bed sheets, books.  Daycares and churches could use toys, books, DVD's, clothes.  What about a young married couple just starting out could probably use some of your kitchen utensils, dishes or pots and pans that you have duplicates on. What about a Fire Station?  (My husband is a fireman :)  They have kitchens and could probably use a new bowl or some "new to them" silverware.

3.  Throw Away:  Anything that you can't recycle, give away, or sell.

4.  Recycle:  newspapers, magazines, paper, plastics and glass with the recycle symbol on the bottom, electronics.  Also look into what you could re-purpose.  Make a basket to store items out of plastic grocery bags.

5.  Put away:  Can some items can be stored in another closet, in the attic or in the garage?

Just today we took about 20 books to the used book store and got $10.00 for them.  Of course my husband bought my son a book with that money earned, but I was glad to trade out 20 books that were just taking up space and one new one that I didn't have to pay for. Good Luck!

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