Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Organization - Getting Started

Happy New Year!!

Are you like me and you feel like your house is in a constant state of chaos?  If not, congrats to you!  You don't need to read this post.  :-)  If it is however, know that you deserve better and this is the year you are going to get it organized!  I thought we could do it together because it is always better with a friend.  January is a great time since the weather outside isn't so great and we are indoors a lot more than summertime.  We live in an old house and don't have very much closet/storage space so it seems like nothing gets put away and now it is taking us over!

Does your house look like the picture below?  Things sitting everywhere instead of put away out of sight?  Clearing out those storage areas is a must!!

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 Here are a few tips to get us started:

1.  The hardest part is getting started. Once you get going and get something accomplished, it will be easier to keep going. You will find that it isn't that bad, and you will start rolling on from room to room in no time.

2.   A lot of time isn't required, but making use of the idle time you do have is important.  Even if you can only work 5-10 minutes, that is more than you had done before.  If you are on the phone with your friend or parent, why not go to the kitchen and go through one drawer while you are talking?  Or if that person is a talker.....three drawers. 

3.  Going through one room at a time works best for me.  I always start with the room that I spend the most time in. Once you feel really good about the area you are in the most, it is easier to move on to the next room.

4.  Make a to do list for the room you are about to begin in while you are watching TV or sitting in traffic on your way home from work.  I would not start the to do list for the next rooms until you have completed the first room.  You do want to overwhelm yourself!

5.  If you find you don't have enough time to work on this project, find something that you can give up to free up some time. 30 minutes of TV or Facebook time.  We can all find 15-30 minutes a few times a week somewhere if we are really committed to making our home feel more like a sanctuary than a yard sale. 

6.  Last but certainly not least, reward yourself as you finish each room.  Have that really great piece of hot fudge cake, an item you have had your eye on, or make a flower arrangement for that room.  Something to mark that milestone and reward yourself for a job well done. #celebratethesmallvictories

Okay, are you ready to get started?  Leave a comment below and tell me what room you are starting in.



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  2. You are right, it is more fun with a friend! I have been working on the same thing this week. I found you on Frugally Sustainable's blog hop, and look forward to following you through this project! I'm starting with the kitchen/dinette, and using FlyLady to get things back in order!

  3. So glad you are joining us Dawn!! The kitchen is a great place to start! Good luck to you.

  4. I am not sure our chaos could be considered a Yard Sale, its more like Sanford & Son!! Lol!! We began this a couple weeks ago, by re-doing my daughter's room. (Boy, she is borderline hoarder!!) But in a pack it all in sort of way. We have almost completed that project minus the ideas she has gotten from pinterest to accessorize her room. I have found that doing the 15 min here & there for cleaning out drawers & cabinets sure gets more done than trying to do it all in a day. I am too ADD and I start in one room and then I end up having 2-3 rooms flipped upside down and never accomplish anything. Its great to see that you have DONE something! Hopped from Teach Me Tuesdays!

  5. Yay Piper, so glad you "hopped" in. I so understand the Sanford and Son reference. Last year we opened a booth at our local Peddler's Mall and got rid of a lot of stuff. You sound just like me! Enjoy your project!!