Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Tannenbaum!!

Why buy a cut Christmas tree shipped in from North Carolina or West Virginia when you can have a fresh cut tree from right here in Lexington!!

Continuing with our local spotlight series, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about the Nieman Christmas Tree Farm located right here in the bluegrass!! The Williams' homesteaders got two trees there this week and we fell in love with the place!! Mr. Nieman has THOUSANDS of trees to choose from that range in size from tabletop to 12 feet or more!! The main tree variety  there is the Frasier Fir, the quintessential Christmas tree! He carries other varieties too, and also has live balled trees. EVERY tree there was beautifully shaped, you really couldn't pick a bad one. Mr. Nieman sends you out into the field with a 10 foot tall measuring pole and then cuts your tree and loads it on the car for you. If only it had snowed!!!!

This has definitely become an official Williams Christmas tradition!! So load up the kids, fill up a thermos with hot cocoa, and head out into the great outdoors to pick your own tannenbaum, all while supporting a local farm!!

For more info and directions go to

Still haven't decorated this one yet, when did time start going by so fast??

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