Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

Sad but true.

This year, as we draw near to Christ's birthday celebration, let's really take stock of our Christmas traditions. How much emphasis are we placing on the real "reason for the season"? What are our children looking forward to most? Santa, presents, and candy? Or advent, Jesus' birth celebration, and time spent with family reflecting on these things? Do our kids know more about Santa's elves and the latest gadget (that costs a fortune and totally detaches them from what's around them) or what Christ's birth in that stable means for them as God's children? 
This world wants to distract us from the true meaning of Christmas, it even would prefer Christ not be mentioned at all, in song or greeting. The world wants you to believe that without loads of presents, your child's memories of growing up will be damaged. The world does not want you to put all your energy and might towards teaching their spirits about their Father in Heaven and the great lengths He has gone to call us back to Him and into the safety of His Kingdom!
How do you make the season centered on Christ's birth in your home? Share with us any traditions your family has! This is my son's first Christmas, so I'm eagerly seeking traditions to incorporate for my family!

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  1. One tradition we have is reading the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible before we ever open the first present. It started out with my husband reading it, now my son reads it. I love creating special memories.