Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do you shop on Black Friday?

So I normally don't like to talk about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to say a couple things before everyone heads out shopping on Friday.  This year we have changed our Christmas shopping habits.  Always in the past on Thanksgiving Day while with my family, I mapped out my Black Friday shopping day plans.  Then I got up really early on Friday and went out into the cold dark morning and grabbed all the deals I could find.  However it seems that the big "chain" stores are opening earlier and earlier every year.  Several of them are opening at 10:00 pm on Thanksgiving.  Wal-mart and Kmart do not even close on Thanksgiving.  This year I started thinking about how this affects the employees that will have to cut short their time with their family, if they get any at all, to work so that people can get their shopping done all in the name of getting  a great deal.  Why can't these stores close for just 24 hours so people can have some much needed family time.  This year I have pledged to do the majority of my shopping at small businesses and support them instead of these giants.  We have started to become more contentious about where our money goes and what we are supporting.  Saturday is Small Business Saturday I would encourage you to think about small locally owned businesses in your area that you could give your money to instead of supporting these companies that are not putting their employees first.  The decision after all is yours to make.  Have a wonderfully blessed holiday.

Watch the Small Business Saturday advertisement below:

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  1. Good for you for not shopping at the big chains! I am working Black Friday, but I am very fortunate that I have the whole of Thanksgiving to spend with my family, as does my husband. We really have much to be thankful for!