Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The baby chicks have arrived!!

We have been anxiously awaiting the baby chickens that we ordered from  They are one day old and cute and furry and arrived last night.  A man called from our local post office and said, "uh we have some birds here for you?!?"  :-)  My husband headed out to pick them up and bring them to their new home.  It is so cool that you can order them by mail these days.  We currently have a rooster and 10 laying hens.  These baby chickens will grow  into laying hens by the spring and we will have plenty of eggs to use in our kitchen and sell to our customers who appreciate a tasty egg from a chicken that was fed natural food and was well taken care of.  If you have never tried a farm raised chicken egg, find someone who sells them and try them, you will not be disappointed. 

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